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From best selling author Renée Mollan Masters

What would the world – and life – be like if your birthplace and ethnicity really didn’t matter?

Sara Salinger is an average Israeli teen, and her lifestyle is typical of teens around the world. But when she turns fifteen, she spends an amazing – and life-changing – week during the summer with fifteen other high schoolers at a peace camp in the United States. The caveat: half of the campers are native Palestinians and half are Israel citizens.

We are supposed to hate each other. This sentiment runs through the minds of each camper. 

However, Sarah finds true friendship, true community and true love during that extraordinary week. How does she take what she learned and share it with her friends and family back home? Can her thoughts of peace really change her world … and the world at large? Will her commitment to peace and understanding cost her after the most devastating tragedy possible strikes her? 

An inspiring story of understanding humanity and finding peace in the midst of calamity, The Peace Train will leave you believing that there is hope for a better tomorrow.

From Renée Mollan Masters, the author of a best-selling guide called You Are Smarter Than You Think. 

​Amazon US Reviews


Mike Kaleikini ... 5 out of 5 stars ... Can't. Put. Down.

"The struggle of love and hate is so we'll portrayed in this book. To see what these two cultures are going through daily and the change that a new generation are trying to make is simply awesome. I'm not an emotional person but I could not help but tear up numerous times I this book. The wording is so we'll thought out, you cant help but feel what the author is trying to show. What ana amazingly well written book. I hope to meet the author one day."

Kim Terry Schwarz ... 5 out of 5 stars ... Wow. Just WOW!

"If you want a book with substance, something to pile up and become engrossed with, this is the book for you. The fact that it’s a love story, too, not just between a boy and a girl but, also, between cultures who typically grow up hating each other, this is the book for you! Well done, Renee Mollan-Masters!"

Ellen Craine ... 5 out of 5 stars ... A moving and powerful story!

"This book offers hope for the world—that peace can be built, one relationship at a time, when we truly listen to understand one another. Although the story revolves around the Israeli-Palestinian divide, the ideas can be used in our communities and families as well. I found the story very moving and the characters engaging. If you want a story about the power of forgiveness, this book is for you!"

Top International Review

Paul Periera ... 5 out of 5 stars ... Amazing. Everyone should read this awesome book.

Amazing. Everyone should read this awesome book. Loved all the characters and the beautiful picture of forgiveness and healing. Great book written. Insightful look into foster care told from the heart. With some good lessons and actionable tasks including self-reflection and note taking.


Peace Train Audio Book ~ Trailer

Peace Train Audio Book ~ Prologue

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